Arranged Matrimonial Tips – Things to Look for the First Time you Meet

Manglik MatrimonyNow that you have interacted on an online matrimonial website or on the phone through a reference a relative gave you, you and your parents have principally agreed to finally meet the prospective bride or groom and her or his family for the first time. First impressions are definitely the last impressions and in this case even more so because of the nature of relationship you intend to build with the opposite party.

When you are meeting someone for the first time, you most likely have very little to go by and need to make quick and sharp judgements about the person to know whether or not he or she is what you are looking for. Here are some factors you can take into consideration to make the correct judgement:

  1. The eyes and the contact he or she makes with them can tell you a lot about the opposite person. If the person is making appropriate eye contact, it is definitely a good sign that suggests that he or she has some interest in you. If you feel that the eye contact is shifty and he or she is not looking directly at you, the person must be simply avoided.
  2. While you are at a meeting where you hope to find the perfect matrimonial partner for yourself, judge the person’s body language. Is he or she at ease around you or are they closed minded. If they aren’t opening up to you enough, they don’t smile enough, there is something wrong. You will be able to judge for yourself how composed and confident the person is around you. You could even work at lightening up the situation and making him or her comfortable without actually coming to strong at the person.
  3. A person with a positive personality is easier to like. But if he or she overdoes it or comes across as someone who is self-centred and always goes on and one talking about themselves, you may want to consider the situation.

As important as it is make the right judgement while undergoing the process of an arranged matrimonial, it is equally important that you make sure you are making the correct impression yourself taking into consideration the exact same factors.

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Knowing you are ready for Matrimonial

With the million things that are going on in your life at any point of time, we seldom forget to prioritize the most important factor of our live. Finding ourselves the perfect life partner with whom we can share our lives with. But first, how do you know you are in the emotional and mental position to commit yourself to holy matrimonial? Ask yourself the following questions:

Why do you want to get married?

Be completely honest with yourself when you answer this question. Evaluate the reasons behind why you would like to spend the rest of your life with this person. You could also make a list of pros and cons about your relationship with him or her and even the person.

A marriage is a commitment for life and you must be prepared to be there for your partner through thick and thin of their best as well as worst days. If you find any aspect of quality in your partner that you believe may hinder your relationship, it must be talked about before you bind you and your partner in matrimonial.

How well do you know yours partners past?

This is extremely important especially in the case of arranged marriages. You must try to share and exchange as much information about each other’s past as possible. However idealistic it may sound to leave the past behind, knowing things about your partner from a time when you weren’t in his or her life makes a big difference in getting to know them overall. If you have nothing to hide, you must take this a positive step towards building a strong bond with each other.

Additionally, knowing something about the past can also act as a great predictor of the future. You will be able to learn from the past and understand how to behave around them during the life that you wish to set for yourselves in the future.

A marriage versus a Wedding

Many times, couples tend to get caught up in the excitement of planning a wedding as an event and miss out on planning a marriage that is soon to follow. It is natural to be worried and get cold feet, provided you maintain an open communication that is built on maturity and trust, there is no reason why you will not be prepared for the matrimonial.

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Topics to Discuss before you commit yourself to a Matrimonial

It may be just a few months or days before you stand before the holy fire and make those promises to spend the rest of your lives together in harmonious matrimonial. This can be an extremely overwhelming time of your life, and sticking together and communicating all the factors the make you excited and apprehensive is the best way to deal with it. Here are some topics that you must discuss with your partner before you get married:

1. Faith: this is probably one of the most significant aspects of life that need to be developed between two partners. It is faith that makes or breaks a relationship. Communicate the importance of this emotion to your better half and make sure that your partner understands what role it plays in your relationship. Faith is not only about being faithful to each other, but also about you can have faith in each other to be there in times of need and trouble.

2. Expectations and Roles: It is important for partners to understand beforehand what role they are expected to play in each other’s lives. The best thing to do is to communicate to your partner what is expected of them in terms of conduct and even in terms of their role in the family. This is especially important with respect to the woman who may want to go out and work, or be a homemaker. Clarity in this aspect is extremely important.

3. Money: Handling money matters in a matrimonial relationship can get a little tricky if you haven’t already figured it out. You need to check whether your better half is a saver or a spender. You must do everything in your hands to clarify the spending and saving situation between the two of you and make sure that finance is never a sour point in your relationship. Working on a budget together and designing investment and saving plans can actually be fun.

4. Friends and Relatives: believe it or not, this can be an extremely big deal in any matrimonial relationship. Drawing a balance between how you treat each other’s parents, to what extent do you wish to involve them, your relatives and friends in your day to day lives in a call that must be taken jointly. Any difference of opinion in such matters can not only cause a rift between the two of you, but also between you and your loved ones.

If you want, you can live a harmonious and understanding life or you can make your marriage a living hell just because  you won’t compromise. It is up to you t choose a path that is full of love, laughter and life!

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