Organize the Perfect Monsoon Matrimonial

Matrimonial You are planning to tie the knot in a couple of month’s time, which gives you a chance to host the perfect monsoon wedding. The rains can offer one of the most romantic backdrops to a wedding, but at the same time, planning an elaborate even such as an Indian matrimonial during the rains comes with its own set of challenges. Here are a few things that you need to take care of to make sure you can have the ideal monsoon event on your big day –

1. Make sure that you book a wedding venue that is in the indoors. You don’t want the rains to hamper your wedding plans. An open area, terrace or lawn has their own set of risks unless you are able to source a really strong gazebo, tent or cover. At the same time you still don’t want your guests to be walking around in muck and puddles of rain water.

2. At the venue, make sure that you have a number of umbrellas handy in case there are guests who would like to go outdoors for a while in the middle of the wedding ceremony.

3. Even if your matrimonial ceremony is taking place in a closed area, you must make sure that your entrance and parking area is also well protected from the rains so that the guests don’t have to risk getting their expensive outfits wet in the rain. If possible arrange for escorts who will be able to transport your guests from the parking space to the wedding venue with great ease.

4. If you truly want to highlight the romantic nature of the monsoons, try to book a venue which provides the backdrop of a great view that is enhanced through the rains. Building the Mandap against this backdrop can truly set the mood and provide for an exquisite setting to be married in.

5. Remember to use fresh and real flowers for decoration because tissue or artificial flowers at the entrance, the cars of the bride and the groom, etc., may not be able to endure the monsoons.

Nothing is more romantic than making the matrimonial vows in the monsoons.

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